Vibrational Healing

Everything we experience here within this plane of existence reveals the presence of duality. Light and dark. Movement and stillness. Sound and silence. Up and down. Matter and void. This is what the Chinese referred to as the Yin and Yang Principle. It is from the dynamic movement between these opposites that expresses the force of creation.

If we examine matter minutely, that is, if we go far enough down to an atomic level, scientist tell us that everything we see here in our three dimensional existence, is vibration. Essentially nothing is solid. And further, that everything vibrates to an exact frequency or resonance. Resonance, by its very nature, operates on the principle of mutual attraction. In other words, like attracts like.

For instance, if one plucks the D string on a harp, all of the other D strings upon that harp, or even others nearby, will vibrate in resonance to it. The same principle applies to humans and is why we connect with certain individuals over others. Those people are simply of a similar vibrational frequency.

The dance between the polar opposites, the yin and yang, is what causes us to be able to differentiate between the polarized forces, and causes creation to happen. These energies are constantly overtaking the other and then seeking to regain equilibrium, harmony and balance.

However, when we experience trauma or get out of alignment with who we truly are by trying to fit ourselves into the rigid molds of society or familial expectations for example, our resonance or frequency can become low, too fast or stagnated. All of these conditions may cause a state of imbalance and can provoke blockages in our energetic body.

One of the approaches to vibrational healing is to mimic that imbalance within the vibrational resonance of the body and so stimulate the necessary energy flow towards healing. A sort of waking up of the awareness within the body in order to gently nudge its system into a healing mode. This is what the healing modes of Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Polarity Therapy, and Sound and Vibrational therapies, to mention a few, are based upon.
Using vibration as a means of gaining the body’s equilibrium is a non-invasive energy healing that can fundamentally change the body’s molecular structure and return it to the natural state, of harmony.