Vibrational Healing Tools

vibrationa-healingEverything vibrates. From an audible sound, to a silent thought. And when the aspects of our soul are vibrating harmoniously together, we experience a sense of well-being. In these moments we are existing in a higher state of consciousness. We believe this can be replicated with training, that our unconscious aspects can be entrained to vibrate at higher, resonant rates, through the use of vibrational healing tools.

With a little practice, the BodySound chair facilitates a profound state of relaxation and an increase in the flow of spiritual energy. In this deeply relaxed state, we may become aware of the presence of these energies (our spiritual self and Source) where we are exposed to our ideal resonant frequencies. This is how we can learn to function optimally, by accessing and becoming familiar with a higher aspect of ourselves.

Using vibration healing, tools of the ancestors

While medical science makes breakthroughs in improving physical health worldwide, some of the discoveries point toward confirming what our ancestors already knew. Rhythmic chanting and dance, acupressure and healing music—many applications exist to renew and revive the spirit.

In recovery from a traumatic life event, a healer will employ tools of sound, touch, pressure, and anything to stimulate & awaken the somatic nervous system. Patterns which are locked into trauma are often expressed by the body as pain. The gentle healer opens this lock with vibration healing tools.

Innovative tools with a healer

The BodySound Chaise system combines the wisdom of our ancestors with the technology of today. Practitioners from many healing traditions – physicians, psychologists, nurses, dentists, coaches – collaborated on this comfortable chair for you to create a spiritual connection. Relaxing sound, soothing vibration, and dynamic magnets help you to release the tension and explore the infinite.

Stress in our environment, whether resulting from illness, financial burden, relationship problems or simply from experiencing a traffic jam on your commute home, first impact the human nervous system and then the physical body. The stress response triggers our body’s for fight or flight mechanism and in today’s society, with multiple stresses, often cause us to feel tension on a chronic basis. The antidote then is in facilitating the Relaxation Response (RR). The BodySound Chair can produce a very powerful RR.

Our vibrational technology consists of supplying amplified, layered music played through transducers into a comfortable chair. The synchronized sound, vibration and strategically placed dynamic magnetic field affects the central nervous system and the human energy system.

Since the days of our ancient ancestors we have been endowed with a central nervous system that has a built-in and hard-wired survival response. We are always scanning our environment, consciously and unconsciously, for potential danger or conflict. This survival mechanism is supported primarily by our sense of sight, hearing, and touch. While you’re in a vibrational healing session there is no need to worry because you are safe and we to turn this mechanism off. This is accomplished by systematically turning off your senses of sight, hearing and touch. Reducing these sensory inputs deactivates or markedly reduces your survival mechanism, producing a brain state of inattention, allowing you to relax.

When we go to sleep at night, we typically turn off the lights off and close our eyes. In a vibrational healing session, we will darken the room and suggest that you close your eyes and try to fall asleep. As a result your visual senses will receive no stimulation. We then play layered music during the session, into the chair. Multiple melodies played simultaneously make it difficult for your mind to follow the music. This dramatically reduces or eliminates the desire to listen or pay attention to the music, while allowing you to feel all of the bass and midrange frequencies that the transducers have turned into vibration.

The relatively constant and soothing vibrations cause the neural circuitry associated with hearing and touch to be less active. As a result, these portions of the nervous and energy system become less responsive. Turning off much of the circuitry related to touch, hearing and sight, which supports our survival mechanism, causes us to become more relaxed, less vigilant and as a result allows us to drift toward sleep.

But the vibrations themselves, prevent us from completely falling asleep. We are then left in a state at the edge of consciousness, a great place to be if one is seeking guidance from a higher source. In this heightened state of spiritual consciousness, we may receive impressions and experiences that help us make peace with life our life choices, or lead us into a new direction regarding our future.

With practice, one learns how to experience and maintain a higher state of consciousness, awareness, and a greater sense of balance during their normal waking lives.