Energy Alignment and Healing

As a soul in this world, we are essentially energy, all vibrating at differing frequencies. The varying speed of these frequencies are the different aspects of our incarnation. The lower of these vibrations manifest as our physical form, while the higher vibrations become our surrounding and more subtle energetic bodies. The very highest frequency is that of our Source. And energetic alignment occurs when all of these fields are harmonized. This is what the spiritual adept seeks with a spiritual practice, the Unity Consciousness or Oneness. We call this ability to have awareness of the Source of our existence, equanimity.

We have come to this plane of existence to experience the life which each of us perceives before us. However, many of us have forgotten that at the core of our being, we are that Source Energy. We can be lost within the illusion of the holographic manifestations here, becoming entangled with a learned identity. Listening to the dictates of society and our individual upbringing may cause much confusion. Yet all of this has a purpose. The awareness of our Being is what we are here to uncover. And we may find that self-discovery is at the center of our quest.

Because of this forgetfulness and its subsequent enmeshment in our world, many of us are not fully present in our bodies, preferring instead to stay within our thoughts, inside of our thinking mind. We may rarely, if ever, descend into our heart space. This can create a longing within us for something “more”.

What can satisfy this longing, is the alignment of all three of our energetic fields, thus coming into harmony with Source. The foundation of this alignment has three parts:

  1. Presence
  2. Flow
  3. Self-Identity

1. Presence

Increasing our physical presence within the body is essential to the process of energetic healing. Since we are indeed spiritual beings in our very essence, it is required that we become aware of this fundamental truth within ourselves. However, this spiritual aspect within us is frequently twisted by fear and limited by other energetic blocks that exist in the subconscious. As a result, our awareness can be distorted as we become duped into associating our higher selves with our egoic identity. It is because of these fears, that we are not fully present within the physical body. Our self-limiting beliefs become the basis of our energetic blocks which further mask and distort our spiritual expression. This is the core purpose of energetic healing. The more fear released, the greater the presence of the true Self, further helping one to begin the process of releasing the energetic blocks we once thought such an integral part of us.

2. Flow

Our energy system in its entirety is extremely dynamic and has the potential for great fluidity. It is designed to be the living expression of Source throughout this material plane. As creatures of free will, we often make choices that may restrict the flow of this expression of energy, and so severely limit ourselves. As we allow the greater energy flow from Source, the incompatibility between our egoic beliefs and Source Energy becomes apparent. This eventually leads to inharmonious beliefs not being tolerated. They simply are not a match for our higher vibrational energy field. This is why the blocks are released or transformed.

3. Self Identity

Entangling our identity with frequencies that are not harmonious with our higher wavelength can cause much grief, even if simply leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction.

This is the reason we do energy alignment work. As we release and transform our blocks, the fluidity towards who we truly are comes to the fore and we begin to live an authentic life. With a new awareness of our eternal nature, equanimity and harmony are restored, even in the face of the challenges in our daily lives.