SolTec Lounge Chair

The SolTec Lounge chair was designed to help us to facilitate a greater manifestation and expression of our truest spiritual nature. Through the chair’s use of sound and vibration, our body is given the opportunity to attune to a higher frequency of thought, helping us to perceive and remember our highly spiritual nature. We believe that we can learn to consciously experience our energetic or spiritual self in our waking lives. Understanding that we have a physical body, an ego, and a soul—we also come to know that at our core exists our truest essence. Using our developed technology, the Sound Healing Chair, we endeavor to align all aspects of ourselves through spiritual entrainment.

Modern science affirms that everything vibrates, and that includes all aspects of ourselves. Furthermore, after a little coaching, most of us are capable of consciously experiencing our body’s subtle vibrations, which arise from our energetic or spiritual energies. These subtle vibrations can be perceived through our sense of touch and hearing. And learning to perceive these vibrations can open new doors into our spiritual awareness. Our learned perception then allows us to perceive our spiritual presence. These experiences can be just as real as our everyday experience of touch and hearing in the physical dimension.

The vibration healing technology facilitates these experiences in two ways. First, these super conscious moments are more likely to occur when someone is in a deeply relaxed state. And the use of this technology, with a small amount of practice, can produce profound states of relaxation. Second, the sound healing technology directly stimulates our entire energetic system. This stimulation produces an increased energy flow throughout our energy system. This has a relaxing effect on the ego, which makes these experiences more likely to be perceived and energetically understood, as one’s beliefs are temporarily suspended by the ego in this relaxed state.

With repeated use of the chair and the experience it provides, we learn to trust more. And this opens the door to releasing long-held and limiting false beliefs. As this process develops and accelerates – experience more, trust more and release – one becomes more conscious and spiritually adept.