Energetic Healing

As a soul in this world, we are essentially energy, all vibrating at differing frequencies. The varying speed of these frequencies are the different aspects of our incarnation...

Sound            Healing

As Sacred as the crystalline resonance that sang through primal waters, sound healing is as ancient as the wind. It is our pristine memory of the past...

Vibrational Healing

Everything we experience here within this plane of existence reveals the presence of duality. Light and dark. Movement and stillness. Sound and silence...
“If I am relaxed, the chair lulls me toward sleep. Except that its vibrations prevent me from actually falling asleep. The result is that I sit at the edge of consciousness, halfway between the awake and sleep states. A perfect place to be for someone seeking visions…” – Dream Teacher, John Stone.


  • Relax Completely
  • Reduce Pain & Stress
  • Sleep Restfully
  • Balance Energy
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Improve Concentration

Vibration healing technology

bodysound chair

BodySound chair

The BodySound chair was designed to help us to facilitate a greater manifestation and expression of our truest spiritual nature. Through the chair’s use of sound and vibration, our body is given the opportunity to attune to a higher frequency of thought, helping us to perceive and remember our highly spiritual nature. We believe that we can learn to consciously experience our energetic or spiritual self in our waking lives…

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